Welcome to the official Astor Theatre Blog!

Serving as a supplement to our website, The Astor’s official blog will delve into aspects of the classics we are playing. The history of cinema is a deeply fascinating subject and we are fortunate to play an intriguing role in it’s upkeep by presenting many beloved films in their original 35mm print format. The Astor is also a rarity in that we are one of the very few places in the world that can exhibit the 70mm Print format, a truly unique and majestic film experience. We are glad you have joined us here and look forward to discussing film with you and also allowing you, our patrons and friends, to join the conversation!

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About The Astor Theatre Blog

The home of restored classics, Double Features, cult favourites, Melbourne's most beloved film icon is one of the last independent film houses left in Victoria, and the last of the city's grand old art deco film palaces still in operation since 1936. We are one of two venues in Australia able to show 70mm print film and are committed to the preservation of the cinema going experience, providing a unique experience, value for money and the best darn choc-ices ever! Keep an eye out for our resident cat Marzipan! Visit us at www.astor-theatre.com

One thought on “Welcome to the official Astor Theatre Blog!

  1. I recently brought my 20 yr. old daughter to The Astor to witness first hand William Wyler’s “Ben Hur” in all its 70mm glory – she had a blast, not realising that cinema could be as exciting an experience as all that film entails.

    Downloading, streaming and watching movies on portable modern tech. is great but The Astor proves that people still hunger for the cinematic experience on a grand scale – keep up the good work.

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