HOW TO SURVIVE OUR ROMERO DEAD TRILOGY – (these points might also be useful in the event of a zombie apocalypse, or they might not.)


Sure, we have heating in the auditorium but you’re going to be sitting through THREE zombie films, surrounded by living beings who claim they’re human but are pretending to be the titled dead – which in a round about way means they are actually UNDEAD. Now we can’t claim for sure that the undead will bring the cold dank atmosphere of six feet under into the auditorium, but why take the chance?


But also to sit. It might sound silly but even if you’re entering our Best-Dressed Undead competition (and we do have some pretty cool prizes to give away) you’ll still want to be comfortable. You are going to sit through three films and as much as we love our original 1936 seats we are aware that one or two of them (ahem) don’t quite equal the royal treatment for your behind. So make sure your get up is comfy enough to withstand the evening. And make sure you get up and walk about in search of brains during the scheduled intervals.


Or a camera phone. Or an Etch-a-Sketch. In addition to you and your friends looking the part we are planning to have a Zombie Mandolin Player – IN A CAGE – performing for your entertainment in the upstairs foyer. This is the kind of weird and wonderful rare opportunity you’ll want to describe to all your friends and family and trust us, it’s always easier with visual aids.


Whilst we won’t have brains for sale (our apologies but even at cost price they’re just a little too high for our standard retail prices and besides, they make an almighty mess. Squishy. Ewwww.), we will have our regular array of candy bar items in stock as well as some more substantial food to satiate those hunger pangs brought on by the image of the undead munching on the living. There will be sandwiches (Ham & Pickle, Chicken, Lettuce & Mayo, and Cheese, Salad & Pickle), as well as sausage rolls and some vegetarian pastries (Potato Burekas, Pumpkin Burekas and Spinach and Ricotta Swirls). You aren’t allowed to bring outside food or drink into our auditorium and you wouldn’t want to anyway because that doesn’t help us stay in business. Plus we sell a fine selection of booze to fill all your drunken undead desires.


We know you’ll do this but we have to say it. As you know, we’re a grand old place and we’d like to keep it that way. We do our best to make sure the standard here is as high as we can get it (despite there being some issues of disrepair we are actually very proactive about keeping our standards up, unfortunately our landlord doesn’t necessarily share in our vision of repaired plaster work and re-painted walls), so all we ask is that you leave the venue just as you found it; you might be undead but there’s no need to be untidy.


We all love to get involved and we encourage you to enjoy the atmosphere and all that it allows. But please do remember that this is a public space where other people have also paid to attend in order to enjoy themselves. This means no mobile phones (talking, texting and otherwise; including checking the time, we don’t like to see mobile phone lights in the auditorium), no talking, swearing or other odd activities that will be disconcerting to your fellow undead and of course just generally being courteous to others while the movies are playing.


We’ve recommended a bunch of relatively straight forward things to help your zombie marathon along but the very most important thing of all is of course to enjoy the evening. After all, that’s the entire reason we put it on. Have fun, make friends, watch fine films and bask in the atmosphere of the most awesome cinema in town. That’s a total no-brainer.

Our Romero Dead Trilogy takes place on Sunday October 30. Doors open at 5pm and our Zombie Mandolin Player in a Cage starts pre-show at 5.30pm. Night of the Living Dead 6pm, Dawn of the Dead 7.45pm, Day of the Dead 10pm. Prices are: $15/$13 for one film, $25/$22 for two and $30/$27 for all three. Tickets available on the door.

Written by Tara Judah for The Astor Theatre.

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