Following our E-newsletter competition giveaway, we can now announce the WINNERS! Thank you to everyone who took the time to enter, we loved reading why you want to see Labyrinth on the big screen and quite a few of the entries even made us giggle. However, we did state that we would have just five winners and with the expert assistance of a meowing Marzipan we eventually selected five (it wasn’t easy and if you disagree with the judging panel’s final decisions, then please do remember that the judge who casts the final vote is a cat. Feel free to take it up with her next time you’re at the theatre, but don’t expect too much feedback.) We did however love your entries SO MUCH that we’ve put the honorable mentions up here with the winners. Thanks again to everyone who took the time to write to us.

WINNER #1: Marg Morris

“My husband of 35 years and I couldn’t afford much when we were married but when I saved up and took him to see the Labyrinth for his birthday it became his favourite movie of all time and he talks to the kids about it often. He is a very hard working husband with little time for himself and I would love to surprise him with a trip to your beautiful theatre to see the movie again. ”

WINNER #2: Holly Le Brun

“To be honest, i just want to see this shot on the big screen!”


WINNER #3: Anna Prasser

“I don’t require 50-100 words.  I only need six. David Bowie in lycra stretch pants.”

WINNER #4: Jessie Macgregor

“Wow.  Labyrinth is one of my favorite movies and the same for my mum.  We never saw it on the big screen and the VHS copy we had ‘died’ from love and continued use!  I love Hogwart, and Jennifer Connelly and David Bowie are fantastic. I loved how this movie had a strong puppet cast and amazing costumes as well.  It is magical and mum and I would love to finally see it on the big screen, and have a sing-a-long too!”

WINNER #5: Gaylene Carbis

“There are three reasons: 1) to win the favour of my much younger sister, who will love me more if I win a double pass to this film – I’m a writer and that’s an impressive thing but much more impressive when my writing can do things like win me (and my sister) a double-pass to an Astor film;   2) any movie worth seeing has to be seen on the big screen; and 3) the Astor is my favourite cinema in the world, and my sister’s too. The Astor, a great film, a film with my sister: IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE.”


Rebecca Gibbins: “I want free tickets to Labyrinth because I haven’t seen it yet (I know, I know) and I would love to see Bowie on the big screen. Big.”

Chris A: “Would like to see Labyrinth on the big screen, simply because I’ve never seen it before; have been told it’s quite good; stills and production/art design suggest a rich and interesting cinematic world; and your 2K transfer presents an interesting opportunity for a “first-time-ever”.”

Emily Meyer: “I first saw Labyrinth as a small child and was blown away (on small screen too). I’ve been mesmerized ever since, and have seen it several times over the years. I love this film, and am very exciting to finally see it on the big screen, because it will bring new life to the film once again. I will slip back into being about 7 years old and wear pigtails to this screening if I win!!!”[Editor’s Note – we hope you’ll still come and wear pigtails!]

Ben Turner: “Labyrinth was the defining film of my childhood. The songs, the characters and the unique style of Bowie all came together that first time I saw it on the silver screen, though attempts to recreate the film magic at home so far have had no power over me. Sometimes the way forward is the way back though, and so I believe seeing Labyrinth on the big screen again, at the wonderful old Astor building, would be that helping hand to bring back the Dance, Jump and Film Magic of Jim Henson’s masterpiece for me. And the missus.”

Denver Grenell: “Hi there the reason I want to see labyrinth on the big screen is because the last time I saw it on the big screen it was 1986 in Christchurch, NZ and there were lines around the block to get in and of course also the movie is awesome and I want to see Bowies codpiece blown up to ridiculous size & detail. ”

Murphy Wood: “Labyrinth is my Grandma’s favourite film, and when I saw that there was to be a whole week dedicated to the movie, I knew she would love to go with me. I told her all about how the Astor is one of the old, classical style cinemas, and she fell in love with the idea of going to go see a movie she loves, on the big screen, in such a beautiful theatre.”

Mark W: “Who wouldn’t want to see a legend like ‘David Bowie’ in action under the direction of a master like ‘Jim Henson’ ? And I couldn’t think of a more suitable venue, than the Astor Theatre ”

Jackie Burke: “Labyrinth is my all time favourite movie.  I saw it at the pictures when it first came out and loved it, mainly because David Bowie looks awesome in it.  I now have children of my own and they have also come to love this movie and it would be even more special seeing it at the wonderful Astor Theatre.  They have never been before so I am looking forward to them experiencing it and the wonderful icecreams.”

Thanks to everyone who entered and if you want to read more about Labyrinth here are some review links we recommend:

LABYRINTH screens exclusively at the Astor Theatre Sunday April 8 to Sunday April 15. Sessions daily at 7.30pm (including Tuesday 10th). Sundays at 2pm, 5pm & 8pm. Tickets $15/$14/$13. No Free List. For more info visit: