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One of the most wonderful things about our FaceBook page is that we get so many great messages – and sometimes we even get pieces of history sent back to us to treasure all over again. Recently, the wonderful Ian Milne got in touch with us to bring back a beautiful piece of panoramic photographic history!

Back around about 1996 or 1997, Ian snapped two beautiful, iconic Astor panoramas. The pics are below along with his words about how he produced them.


“I created these 2 panoramas at the Astor Theatre and then turned into QTVRs for the Cinemagination interactive CD. Back then we photographed with film and then scanned printed 6 x 4’s. The rest of the CD consisted of video interviews of people explaining their first experiences at the cinema. People would pop out of the seats when the user rolled over them with the mouse and the user would be taken to the interview page. It was pretty cool for back then.”



“In 1993 i graduated from VCA with a Fine Arts Degree in Photography. The course was as much about film as it was about photography and I had worked with 8mm and 16mm, from hands on filming to cutting film in the editing room. So I spent a fair bit of time at the movies, especially the Astor.

Fast forward three years and I could see the writing on the wall as far as computers pushing their way into photography and film (and just about everywhere else on the planet) so I applied for RMIT”s Advanced Diploma of Electronic Design & Interactive Media. It was the early days of html and web design, QuarkXpress was the king of publishing, Flash didn’t exist, digital cameras were a dream away and apple were lucky to have a 2% market share.
Second and final year comes around and I have to produce something good for final assessment. I had completed a couple of photo and video based projects up until then so it seemed like a logical step up to the Astor project. Firstly I video interviewed people I knew about their earliest memories of going to the movies and then created interactive pages for each one. There was some new software available at the time for creating panoramic QTVRs and that combined with “Macromedia’s Director” software enabled me to put together the interactive “Cinemagination” CD.”  – Ian Milne

10250759_10152690995883943_728210894_nWe’d like to thank Ian for both the beautiful pictures and for getting in touch with us again to relive an exciting moment in our history.

If you’d like to get in touch with Ian at Cinemagination, you can do so by sending him an email here: studio@ianmilne.com.au

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