George’s Farewell Speech – Sunday April 5th 7pm

After long term Astor staffers Steve and Jock finished up their intro, George said a few words. For anyone who missed the event, here’s a transcript of what George said and some pics of the great night, too.

Star Gate IMG_4693

Thank you Steve and Jock – without your fine efforts we could not have run The Astor, Thanks also to Tara and Andy for your invaluable services.

We think The Astor is the most amazing cinema in the world, and part of what makes it that is having the most amazing staff in the world.

End of show Closing night staff IMG_4763

Thank you to all past and present staff- you have been wonderful.

Also thank you to all our suppliers: Shimon from Tel Aviv – who has made our cakes since 1984, the same delicious cakes for all that time, and to Chandra the Bliss Ball lady, Dairy Bell who supply the key ingredient to our Choc-Ice and many others we have been trading with since 1982.

Candy bar Elliot and Edward IMG_4717

Thank you to all the film companies who have supported our somewhat unique programming style and have facilitated the many special events, including Q&A’s, new print and digital restoration re-releases.

Final Session doors opening IMG_4704

Most importantly thank you to our audience, without you our mission would not be fulfilled.

End of show - closing night regulars IMG_4769

We are asked many times “What makes the Astor Experience?”

Recall a scene in Jacques Tati’s wondrous Mon Oncle – a man is in a barren field with a rickety old oven making pastries with flair and relish. Groups of kids repeatedly go back to the man – a memory that will stay with them forever, not because they like pastries, but because that man made them with Soul. Soul is the essence, the same soul that Toto and Alfredo put into Cinema Paradiso’s projection room, its patrons never forgetting that experience either.

final sessionn audience IMG_4726

Soul is the essence; it is what you take away as part of the memory of your experience here.

We are pleased to announce that Palace Cinemas have acquired our business and they have undertaken to maintain The Astor Experience.

Please give Palace your support, after they begin operations in this hallowed space in June.

Eve Marzy Tribute IMG_4633

Thank you for your attendance, loyalty and support over the last 32 years.

Now, as I start projecting my favourite movie, 2001: A Space Odyssey for the last time, I bid you all a fond farewell.

final session 2001 title IMG_4732

The End – George Florence.


12 thoughts on “George’s Farewell Speech – Sunday April 5th 7pm

  1. Dear Astor,
    Thank you so much for many years of a very special cinema experience. You will be missed. Best of wishes to George and all the wonderful staff. Cheers, Mary, Flemington.

  2. Thank you, George, for a million treasured memories. For over three decades of joy for me, for letting me revisit old friends and witness new ones, on your gorgeous screen. Melbourne needs our Astor, for ever and ever.

  3. How sad to see The Astor disappear. I had so many good Sunday nights there when I lived in Melbourne. It has stayed in my heart over the years. Unique and never to be repeated as an experience.

  4. Goodbye, Astor. Thanks to its staff and fellow audience members who kept this dream alive longer than many thought possible or worthwhile. Another chapter in Melbourne’s cultural history closes, the last vestige of that 1970s/80s cinematic “counter-culture” falls. Where will I go to see 2001, Rocky Horror, The Mission, The Crow, … I mean any film not of the past six months now?

  5. Thank you SO much! and to all the amazing staff! I have had soooooo many awesome memories of watching movies at the Astor.. i love the place!! thank you so much for providing me with so many great memories and great movie watching experiences!

  6. I love to see the great films of the 50, 60s and 70s. I hope the Palace cinemas will continue this tradition. I took my grandchildren there for the first time this year to see Mary Poppins sing along, they enjoyed the experience, as well as the choc tops, so much they they keep asking me when we can go back again.

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