About The Astor and our blog

The home of restored classics, Double Features, cult favourites, Melbourne’s most beloved film icon is one of the last independent film houses left in Victoria, and the last of the city’s grand old art deco film palaces still in operation since 1936. We are one of two venues in Australia able to show 70mm print film and are committed to the preservation of the cinema going experience, providing a unique experience, value for money and the best darn choc-ices ever! Keep an eye out for our resident cat Marzipan! We are located at the corner of Chapel Street and Dandenong Road, St Kilda, Melbourne. This is our blog page to get more in depth about the films we are currently playing. We will also invite our patrons and friends to join the discussion with their experiences, photos and perhaps rare visual history by way of old ¬†photographs, memorabilia, or old programs from The Astor that may shed new light on The Astor’s spectacular and sometimes turbulent but always fascinating past. Please visit us at¬†www.astortheatre.net.au for what’s happening at The Astor. If you wish to contribute anything to the visual history archive of The Astor for our blog, please email news@astortheatre.net.au

9 thoughts on “About The Astor and our blog

  1. Will there be a Special Celebration of the Astor Theatre before possible closure? I believe there should to celebrate both over the thirty years she has been running as a theatre and also her whole lifetime. S. Dew – Glen Iris Vic.

  2. Re the Astor’s closing… how much for the Astor Theatre people/managers/etc to actually buy it? Perhaps get some crowdsourcing/funding to help, keep it in a trust (with the top contributors above a certain $ to be included in the Trustee committee), and others to be rewarded with free lifetime memberships/passes (or of various levels of passes, depending on amount contributed)?

      • It’s all rather vague. So what exactly is actually happening/proposed at the moment? Is it closing and reopening? Or being developed in to something that’s not a cinema? Is it just being restored and/or upgraded? Or have you guys been asked to stay quiet/don’t know?

      • Hey Astor, I can’t find much info at all – I am guessing it because you guys don’t know and it’s up to the landlord?
        If that’s the case I am not ok with just chancing it and leaving it up to this landlord to do god knows what!

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