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Controlled Chaos: The Master and Inherent Vice

“We are on a journey that risks the dark,” Lancaster Dodd warns his assembled followers in The Master. Speaking with the captivating hyperbole essential to any decent cult leader, he promises followers of The Cause a way to reach back into their pasts, “…capturing the mind’s fatal flaws and correcting it back to its inherent… Continue reading Controlled Chaos: The Master and Inherent Vice

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Blade Runner – The Final Cut

Blade Runner: The Final Cut simply refuses to fade into the vast catalogue of forgotten film history. Its persistence as film’s pedestal sci-fi owing to its innovative and intelligent contemplation over ontological questions of authenticity and artificiality as they pertain to a rapidly, and terrifyingly, techno-advanced, mechanized, global future society. Set in Los Angeles in… Continue reading Blade Runner – The Final Cut