Special Events Photo Gallery


GREASE CROWD AT THE ASTOR DEC 5 2014vGrease Sing-a-long

Superman - Jez interviews Margot Kidder - Oct 2014-6Margot was very surprised when the Astor’s own Clark Kent turned up!

Superman - Jeremy with punters

Superman & Supergirl outside with Jeremy Kewly


Astor - Blues Brothers - Jan 2014-2aBlues Bros fever comes around once every calendar, Jeremy and his cohort Ned Napier are on a mission from God!

Astor - Rocky Horror NYE 2013 - 3Rocky Horror always brings the best in the flesh to our foyers.

Jeremy hostingJeremy introduces the evening and our guest of honour…

Jeremy with Patricia Quinn - Rocky Horror croppedJeremy and Patricia Quinn (Magenta) – still gorgeous!

Jez & Ned as Batman & Robin  1 - Dec 30 2013That Bat-tastic duo are back – WHAM!

Jez & Ned as Batman & Robin  7 - Dec 30 2013BIFFO! This is really about as active and animated as Adam West gets!


batman sept 30 13 jeremy and ned 2

It started out as one of those regular evenings, you know, Batman and Robin up to their usual antics…

batman sept 30 13 jeremy and ned 3

Lots of posing as you’d imagine…

batman sept 30 13 jeremy and ned with You Am I lead singer Tim Rogers  - who enjoyed the show

And then – holy toledo Batman! Is that Tim Rogers?!

THWACK! POW! Now let’s take a look back at how our Batman screenings did in the ’80s …


Original, now world famous, Astor Choc-Ices being enjoyed by friends in matching Bat-tastic T-shirts


An eager crowd awaits the action…

llThere he is! Batman in his younger years hanging out with friends.


Check out more of Geoff’s photography on Flikr.




DSC_6887-2 DSC_6901-6


If you weren’t here when the Daleks invaded the Astor then you can take a look at their foyer activities and introduction to the screening:

We’ve also got some great pics…

K-9 lights up the foyer

K-9 lights up the foyer

Moments later he is joined by a friend and so, the Dalek invasion begins...

Moments later he is joined by a friend and so, the Dalek invasion begins…


A close up of the ‘eye’ of invasion…

The Tardis was here too. Naturally.

The Tardis was here too. Naturally.

Let us in! The Daleks are coming...

Let us in! The Daleks are coming…

Extermination isn't always the outcome.

Extermination isn’t always the outcome.

Meran, one of our regulars turned out to be a Dalek too!

Meran, one of our regulars turned out to be a Dalek too!

Tearing up the foyer

Tearing up the foyer


The Tardis prepares for departure...

The Tardis prepares for departure…

More strange movements in the foyer.

More strange movements in the foyer.

Humans. We think.

Humans. We think.

K-9 calls it a night.

K-9 calls it a night.

Close up with the Dalek

Close up with the Dalek

Is this the Doctor?

Is this the Doctor?

Tardis Girl Auditions

Tardis Girl Auditions

We'd give her the part

We’d give her the part

The Doctor and K-9 return... until next time!

The Doctor and K-9 return… until next time!


If you missed out and you live in Melbourne, the good news is that the 70mm print will be showing for an entire week in December (16-22). And we hope to have the footage from the Q&A up online shortly. In the interim, take a look as these fantastic snaps taken by the lovely and very talented Lauren Dalton.

Ready and briefed for an insanely busy night, Astor staff have spent several days in preparation making hundreds upon hundreds of Astor Choc-Ices.

Marzipan is also getting ready for the premiere event.

Unfortunately, she is unaware that the event, and indeed, the red carpet, are not laid out especially for her.

The doors are open, let the madness begin!

Slowly the anticipation builds…

We don’t get to use this nearly often enough.

The candy bar is a hive of activity

And the man himself arrives to an eager and excited crowd.

Fans begin to gather and Marzipan slinks off annoyed that she is no longer the centre of attention.

Suddenly the foyers seem packed to the rafters…

Some very happy Paul Thomas Anderson fans.

Autographs and introductions ensue.

Perhaps the happiest of all Anderson fans.

Okay, time to take a seat, it’s all about to begin….

Paul introduces his film to an auditorium filled with a most palpable atmosphere of anticipation.

It’s probably the first time Paul’s attended a cinema where the audience applaud and cheer both the format and the correct presentation of the film.

Things start out sensibly on stage for the Q&A.

Not all of the questions are easy answers or multiple choice…

Paul makes Martyn take a drink as penance.

Maybe it’s time to throw to the audience.

A line of avid fans ready to spring forth with questions.

A good looking event wherever you’re sat.

And so very entertaining. This must have been taken after the question about porn…

Oh wait, maybe that’s this shot…

Either way, it was a riotous good night and we hope you all enjoyed it.

Thanks to Paul Thomas Anderson, Roadshow Films, Martyn Pedler and Lauren Dalton.


Our ushers are a lively bunch and two of them couldn’t be more excited to scare you senseless. Which is why we let them run amok in the foyers, with outer space popcorn, to get you all warmed up before our Krazy Klown Trivia Round…

Yep, you read right, this is what our staff look like on their night off!

Buying a choc-ice will never be the same again…


All photographs are copyright and courtesy of FOTAA Committee member Murray Little, used here with permission from the photographer.

The excellent and organised FOTAA volunteers are in place, ready for arrivals.

The foyers were full of activity…

A huge thanks to Kathryn, Suzanne and Anita who did an outstanding job managing the hundreds of new membership sign ups.

Anita dressed as Amelie, but no gnomes in sight…

What did the politician say to the photographer?


Stylish, distinguished and classy.

It wasn’t the first and we doubt it’ll be the last time the Phantom is in the house.

Even Marilyn falls merciless in the face of Tony Stark’s Playboy charms.

The sensational Frilly Knickers played everyone into the auditorium.

An image as beautiful as the music itself.

Clem Newton-Brown addresses more than 1000 Astor supporters.

Our not always used Stalls packed to the rafters.

After an incredibly busy, exciting, bustlingly long day, MC Dave Lamb takes a moment to sit and reflect – or to sign autographs – or to answer love letters from secret Astor admirers… until next time ;)


All photos are copyright and courtesy of Trent Clarke, used here with permission from the photographer.

With the carpet laid out and leading up to The Dude, the venue was ready to go.

MC James Brechney gets ready for the crowds with a White Russian.

The Lebowski Crew

All good night’s out feature a moustache like this one.

We don’t think anyone really knows what’s in Sarsaparilla. Why does it taste like that?

A few of those lookalikes were pretty spot on!

The Kahlua White Russian Bar was as well attended as the auditorium.

What better way to watch a movie than in your dressing gown? Event appropriate AND comfortable.

So many beautiful couples.

Imagine if these guys formed an all boy band….?

Did we formally start proceedings with a toast to the dressing gown..?

We think these guys have been preparing their “costumes” for some time…

Physical comedy will get you everywhere in this business.

Outstanding work in the prop department.

The most glamorous and eye-catching head-wear of the evening without a doubt.

Having an awesome time watching an awesome film can make a person hungry.

A very special evening for Rachal and Aaron who got engaged after the credits rolled!

He totally said yes.

Champagne celebrations and the After Party begins!

We think that says it all, don’t you?

Lebowski Bash pics courtesy of Trent Clarke whose full album can be viewed on Flickr


One of the most outrageous, exciting and saucy evenings on our calendar is always Rocky Horror, and the last time was no exception!

Dressing up is encouraged and we love to see the Picture Show come to life in our foyers.

It’s always a pleasure to see the variety of costumes and pretty much every character come to life.

It is of course also acceptable to come in civilian dress and enjoy the film without exhibitionism.

Course, if you are going to dress up, you might as well go all the way!

Every horror picture show needs an ice-cream or popcorn companion.

We love to give our downstairs candy bar a work out.

And we LOVE to see a foyer full of Rocky Horror fans.

Possibly the only movie theatre where wearing a bra and slip is absolutely appropriate attire.

Seating for Rocky Horror always takes place in the stalls so that there’s room for fishnets and of course a warm up before we all do The Time Warp.

Not sure what happened here – possibly the Choc-Ice won…?

MC Geoffrey and Adriana sit in waiting for the stage show…

A little OHS 101 from our responsible Front of House before we invite our guests up on stage.

A veritable parade of sass.

With so many great costumes, it’s difficult to judge the winners, so we ask our contestants to get a little more “involved” to win.

A variation on the many actual weddings we hold at the Astor.

Probably the closest we’ve ever come to being a gym.

This is one fan who certainly knows how to strut!

Our Brad lookalike reveals he is a Rocky Horror VIRGIN. As expected, at the utterance of the world, the crowd goes wild.

Synchronized performances are always a crowd pleaser.

Sexy saxophone on stage.

Geoffrey and Adriana convene to judge the winners – a truly tough task!

Adriana is overwhelmed by all the heat on stage.

Winner #1 is ecstatic and exhibits his charms once more for the crowd.

Our second winning duo are still in character – which was actually so convincing it became a little disturbing…

Our third winner had to be the sexy saxophone.

As always with Rocky Horror, EVERYONE who gets up and makes a fool of themselves publicly on stage gets a prize. Then get on with the screening, the dancing, the screaming and throwing rice.


Flamboyant filmmaker Lesley-Sharon Rosenthal introduces us to a long lost relative of hers recently discovered whilst on a walking tour, talking family trees!

Marzipan likes to say hello but was more interested in the afternoon tea than cuddles on Sunday.


As you are probably already well aware, we’re advocates for donning your dress ups and getting “involved” with what we’re screening. More than a movie? And how.

When we were kids (and you had to walk to school in the snow with nothing but badminton rackets strapped to your shoes for grip…) it was all about playing dress ups in your mum’s clothing, but we like this contemporary take on it – dress up with your mum in your own sized outfit matching her clothing. Good call.

Ladies of leisure lounging in our foyers…

The first few fans turn up to the box office – but no one sang at the ticket seller, seems they were all saving their vocal chords for R.M. Taylor’s awesome acoustics in our auditorium. Cheers Ron.

No, spoke too soon. It seems there were a few fans who just couldn’t wait until the official sing-a-long began.

These ladies mean business.

And they’ve got friends.

Seems we’ve been attracting a younger audience recently…

And they’re just as hard-core as those who’ve been coming here for years!

So many full skirts and such a lot of glitter!

It’s all in the accessories.

And maybe the attitude…

Frenchy would be proud.

Did we mention we were attracting a younger audience recently? And don’t they look AWESOME?!

Late-comers get their tickets and clear their voices ready to belt out everyone’s favourite tunes on oh-oh, that Su-uh-mer Ni-iiiiiiii-ght!

Thank you to everyone who came along, dressed up and were clearly born to hand jive baby!

Photography by Lauren Dalton.


Here at the Astor we firmly believe that cinema-going is much more than just sitting in a seat and watching a film. Which is why we convinced our good friend Mitch at All Star Comics that it would be a great idea to get inside his inflatable STAY PUFT MARSHMALLOW MAN suit and wander around our art deco foyers with the awesome Tristan Jones.

Along with the Stay Puft man we were lucky enough to have Tristan Jones, creator of the Ghostbusters comic book series, in attendance. The other person in the photo is our ticket seller Tara whose childhood dream of hugging the Marshmallow Man finally came true on Monday.

But it wasn’t only Astor staff who got to hug the Marshmallow Man. Many of our patrons got involved too.

Stay Puft takes a moment to let the atmosphere of the evening sink in before getting up to dance around the foyers. Shortly after this was taken, the best line ever overheard by a co-worker was uttered: “The Marshmallow Man is dancing to Bananarama.”

Stay Puft avoided the queue and got his cinema ticket early, determined to stay for the show. After all, who wouldn’t want to see their own defining moment on film?

Stay Puft and Tristan take a moment to read comics and ponder the world of Ghostbusting.

Tristan and his incredible comics – which, if you missed the opportunity on Monday, you can purchase from our friends at All Star Comics in Lonsdale St.

People begin to gather for an evening of ’80s awesomeness…

We think Stay Puft wanted to take on Batman…

Astor regular Donald gives Stay Puft the thumbs up.

Stay Puft is a little cheeky and tries to keep our audience in line.

In line at the Candy Bar. Even Marshmallows love an Astor Choc-Ice.

Good, wholesome, family fun in the foyer.

Everybody wants a picture with Stay Puft.

Usher Elliot makes sure everyone – even our Marshmallow friend – has their ticket ready at the door.

Ticket seller Tara introduces Stay Puft before beginning the Trivia Round!

Our contestants line up ready for what we thought was relatively easy trivia but what turned out to be a little trickier than anticipated… but everyone still won a prize.

Stay Puft and the Astor thank the contestants and winners so Ghostbusters can begin!

Prizes courtesy of All Star Comics. Photography by Lauren Dalton.


We always encourage dressing up and audience interactivity round here and Rocky Horror is one of our most awesome examples. We love the effort everyone puts in so much that we don’t even mind the mess! We give prizes for best dressed, and we’re doing it again tomorrow night for New Year’s Eve so don your fishnets and go nuts!

Mat, Rhi & Jack


The sing-a-long sessions have also proved to be very popular in 2011 and we were pleased to see more getting into the spirit of things with a few Poppins in our foyers. Thanks to Charlie Sweeney for these pics.

Mat, Rhi & Janae


We were very lucky this Halloween to have our very own Zombie mandolin player courtesy of zombiehire.com play in our foyers before the trilogy of undead began. The make-up is exquisite and I have to say, quite the mandolin player too!

Having dressed like a Zombie, this member of our undead audience won himself a Night, Dawn, Day blu-ray Dead Trilogy thanks to Umbrella Entertainment as well as an awesome t-shirt. What can we say, we like giving things away!

Our ticket seller Tara loves to get up and give away prizes but not without a little trivia involved!

Question: “Night of the Living Dead is one of the six original Midnight Movies, and one of four to screen at the Astor Theatre in 2011, can you name one of the other four MMs that screened at the Astor in 2011?”

It took a while, but when Melbourne Horror Film Society man (and regular Astor attendee) Sam Bowron took the mic, he won with a mention of Eraserhead. We also would have accepted The Rocky Horror Picture Show or Pink Flamingos. The only two MMs we did not screen in 2011 were El Topo and The Harder They Come and that’s because neither of those two films were actually available to screen theatrically at the time of programming. Fingers crossed for the future!


This year Australia’s Silent Film Festival found its way to Melbourne, and we were lucky enough to have the pleasure of hosting a hoard of fantastic silent films, all with live musical accompaniment. Here sits our ticket seller with Sharon from Sydney.

Melbourne musicians Ariel Valent and Kate Adam played an extraordinary accompaniment to The Last of the Mohicans (1920).

David Williamson not only played the most stunning musical accompaniment to The Phantom of the Opera (1925) but he also performed the role for the audience. David’s outstanding organ accompaniment featured throughout the festival.

Marzipan took a look through the guide and though a little scared of Lon Chaney’s Phantom also enjoyed the festival – minus the musical accompaniment of course – what with her being deaf and all.


There certainly were a lot of people crowding around outside the building in early November…

Exactly what was it they were crowding around…?

Ah, of course, an authentic copy of the BTTF DeLorean! Naturally.

Great Scott! Looks like Doc made an appearance too.

Although Marty McFly’s hat was off for those two Libyans who even made their own wearable Volkswagen. Awesome.

Doc also had his very own display in our foyer featuring a bunch of memorabilia and an MJF mannequin that looked eerily like MJ…

Shouldn’t have said anything, think Doc overheard us and gave MJF an impromptu makeover.

The movie marathon continued on into the night and the DeLorean stayed with us, lighting up the areas outside our beloved building whilst Parkinson’s were pleased to raise some much needed funds. Many thanks to everyone who came along!


Local filmmaker – and good friend of the Astor – Lesley Sharon Rosenthal, was once again in attendance at a very special event that saw a great turnout of fashion fans sit down to celebrate a time when there really was a ‘high end’ on Collins St.

They also enjoyed populating our foyers with plates full of sandwiches and sweet treats whilst sipping tea.

Once again, Marzipan was in attendance, only no one told her to dress for the occasion so she was caught out in her usual old collar, not nearly as pink as the occasion required.

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